Florida Constitutional Law

Pressing Issues for 2004

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Parental Notification of Abortion and Minors' Right of Privacy under the Florida Constitution Mark A. Brionez Abortion Rights of Minors

1998 Approved Amendments to the Constitution of the State of Florida

John F. Asmar 1998 Amendments
The Battle of the Constitutional Rights: Florida’s Right to Privacy Involving Medical and Autopsy Records and How It Interacts with Florida’s Right to Public Records and Public Meeting Lauren Ramey Autopsy and Medical Records
Article: Profiting from Information: Florida’s Right of Privacy and Its Application to the Sale and Disclosure of Personal Information Sarah Zuckerman Disclosure of Personal Information
E-mail: Privacy and Public Records in Florida Matthew M. Henry E-mail
Art. II, Section 7 of the Florida Constitution: The "Right to a Clean Environment" as Proposed Before the 1997-1998 Constitution Revision Commission Paul Ghiotto, Jr. Environment
GPS Technology in Cellular Telephones: Does Florida’s Constitutional Privacy Protect Against Electronic Locating Devices? Peter Caldwell GPS Tracking
My, What Big Teeth You Have, Grandmother!: How the Florida Courts Have Eaten Away Grandparents’ Visitation Rights Linda G. Pisani Grandparent Visitation Rights

The Florida Homestead Exemption: How It will be Impacted by the New Federal Federal Bankruptcy Reform Act

Christine L. Derr Homestead and Bankruptcy Reform
Florida’s 2003 Medical Malpractice Legislation: Potential Constitutional Challenges Tiffani K. Fernandez Medical  Malpractice Reform
The Opportunity Scholarship Program and Florida’s Establishment Clause K. Clayton Bricklemyer Vouchers and Establishment Clause

* These research papers have been prepared, in April 2004, for Professor Ben F. Overton, Senior Justice of the Florida Supreme Court, for the purpose of satisfying the "substantial writing" requirement in the "Florida Constitutional Law & The Florida Supreme Court" seminar at the University of Florida Levin College of Law in Gainesville, Florida.